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It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.
The training and exam are in Vietnamese, which is bad news. The good news is that it is preventable.
Even if your driving license is just category B and you wish to acquire A, you are excused from giving up the theoretical portion if you have legalized your license in Vietnam as indicated in the first section.
You must pass the test based on theory if you don't have a driver's license.
You must get ready the following paperwork:
a. Six color photographs [3–4].
b. A copy of your passport that has been notarized;
c. Category B rights that have previously been validated in Vietnam;
d. Your passport;
e. A VISA or residence card valid for at least three months.
You need to go to the Transport Department with these documents. You will be given a form to fill out in Vietnamese there.
The exam takes about 15 minutes.
The candidate must also go through a quick medical check and an eye test. You will be given a driving schedule after a medical test, and asked to select a time that is suitable for you. A receipt that serves as admission to the exam will be sent to you when you have paid all required payments.
At this point, the originals of your papers will be returned to you. Return to the Department of Transportation on the day of the exam, and bring your passport, your Vietnamese driver's license, and, if you have one, your residency card.
It takes the test roughly 15 minutes. You will be given access to a motorcycle for the duration of the test.
You will be given access to a motorcycle for the duration of the test.
The results of your exam will be sent to your phone by SMS in ten working days (in Vietnamese).

After five working days, the card is issued. On the designated day, you will be requested to come pick up your new driver's license.
The process of getting a driver's license revealed that the attitude toward foreigners is generally fairly loyal. A driver's license is issued to you without a time limit.

  • The cost of a driver's license is 135,000 VND.
  • Cost of the exam: 90,000 VND
  • 160,000 VND for the Medical Commission.
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