Why are you not owner of your own motorbike in Vietnam?

You've made the decision to visit Vietnam and remain there for a while. You'll come to the realization one beautiful day that purchasing a motorcycle may be more cost-effective than renting one. In such case, the following websites are the first ones you should visit to explore and compare bike prices:
Motorbike Rental Phu Quoc
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.

Regrettably, there is no English translation for the last two. But, it is not particularly difficult to search for the brand names of the motorcycles you are searching for, even on the Vietnamese version of the website. Also, you may get in touch with the vendor on any of these websites. You might even purchase the bike of your choosing at a store nearby if you already know how much you are willing to spend.
You will receive a blue card bearing the owner's name of the motorcycle after the purchase.
Yet, it will be a Vietnamese citizen's name.

What are the risks

Which risks are you exposed to in this circumstance? What dangers do you face, then?
One, it will be quite challenging to establish your possession of the bike you purchased; take our word for it. For example, if you:

- you've misplaced your parking ticket in a gated lot;
- you've seen the cops steal or seize your motorcycle;
- you've misplaced your blue card.

Also, anyone may use fraudulent paperwork to buy a stolen or illegally imported motorcycle.
Although we have never heard of the motorcycle owner listed on the card reclaiming his property rights after the sale, it is not impossible.

What to do?

A motorbike that has a blue card, a corresponding VIN, and a chassis number, as well as a record for your identity in the police database, is one that is entirely lawful.

How can a new motorcycle be registered in your name?
Requesting and verifying the quality certificate (Phiếu Kiểm Tra Chất Lượng Xuất Xưởng) is the first step.
All the relevant information regarding the bike is contained in this certificate.
You must get a red invoice if you purchase a new motorcycle at a motor salon. Although many foreigners do not request this for one reason in particular, it is required. Several local resellers may attempt to convince you that it is difficult to register a motorbike in your name, but this is untrue. Furthermore, a motor show is obligated by law to provide you with an invoice, and even if you don't intend to register the bike in your name, having an invoice can help you settle disputes and serve as proof that you bought the bike lawfully at any time.
Instead of obtaining a red invoice when purchasing a used motorcycle, you must sign a notarized motorcycle sale contract and come to an agreement with the prior owner. Make sure to create a notarized duplicate of the prior owner's blue card!
It is also necessary to acquire motorcycle insurance.
1. To start, you must go to the local tax office and pay around 5% of the motorcycle's price.
2. Next, you must go to the neighborhood traffic police. Make sure you have your personal paperwork together with the aforementioned documentation on the motorcycle before you go there:
a work permit, a residency card, and a passport that is still valid for at least another year.
In rare circumstances, they could require you to provide a letter confirming your employment status from your employer, or the business where you work.
According to the regulations No. 36/2010 / TT-BCA on the registration of vehicles, you don't need a driver's license to register a motorcycle as your own. Don't listen to anyone who suggests otherwise!
Becoming registered takes around a month.
You will be given a registration number after registering that begins with the letters "NN," which stand for "Nuoc 'Ngoai'" (foreigner).
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